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Caron Brazilliant 2-In-1 Film Wax

Caron Brazilliant 2-In-1 Film Wax

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Brazilliant 2-in-1 Film Wax is like no other Caronlab wax. This wax provides all the comforts and easy application of a traditional hard wax, combined with the thin spread-ability of a strip wax.Brazilliant is powerful and adherers firmly to both fine and coarse hair without sticking to the skin, it grips even the hairs you can’t see and requires only one application. There are no wax strips required and fewer spatulas are used as the wax can be applied to much larger areas.Flexible and pliable, it can be applied in large sections without the fear of breaking, making it ideal for speed waxing.The low working temperature minimizes irritation and gives it a unique dripless form. It’s perfect for all body areas including Brazilians, legs, underarm, back, chest and face.Brazilliant is the ONLY wax you need for Power in your Pot!

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