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	Mood Bleach Powder 500g – Blue

Mood Bleach Powder 500g – Blue

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Blue Bleach is the bleaching powder, high bleaching power, which allows up to 6 bleach tones. Suitable for all lightening techniques. The blue colour prevents the formation of unwanted orange hues.
Ideal for: Neutralizing the yellow-orange tones during bleaching.
Plus: The formulation allows perfect adhesion of the product to the hair and brings a light conditioning effect. The hair is lightened, not damaged, easier to comb and recolour.
– in a non-metallic container, mix 50 g (2 scoops) of MOOD BLUE BLEACH bleaching powder with 100 ml of oxidant MOOD ACTIVATOR (10, 20 or 30 vol.) according to the degree of the desired lightening.
– Apply following the desired technique
– Leave on for 20-50 minutes, checking regularly.
– Rinse thoroughly and apply a mild shampoo.
Salon World will not be liable for misuse of the product or for non-professional use. Allows follow directions as on the label.

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