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SpaScriptions Gel Mask Pack – 3pc (Rose, Gold, Cucumber)

SpaScriptions Gel Mask Pack – 3pc (Rose, Gold, Cucumber)

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SpaScriptions Gel Mask Pack – 3pc

SpaScriptions Gel Mask Pack is ideal for all skin types, each pack contains 3 different masks. Use each mask individually, or target multiple skin concerns at once by applying a different mask to each facial area.
Each mask features a selection of key ingredients to target specific skin concerns, is pH balanced, hypo-allergenic and not tested on animals.
Each pack comes with a mask applicator to quickly, easily and hygienically apply the product. If applying more than one mask onto the face, rinse the brush with warm water and mild soap, and pat dry with a clean cloth in between applications
• Cleanse and dry the face
• Dip brush applicator into the jar and scoop the desired amount
• Spread evenly over the face, avoiding eyes and lips
• If applying more than one mask, wash brush between each mask application and repeat the above
• Relax for 15-minutes whilst the mask works its magic
• Gently rinse off remaining residue


1 x Rose Gel Mask 50ml – Rose oil extracted from rose petals features anti-inflammatory properties and regenerates skin, whilst Vitamin A, C and E work to deeply cleanse and nourish skin.
1 x Gold Gel Mask 50ml– Delivers intense hydration to revitalise, smooth and soften skin, and help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
1 x Cucumber Gel Mask 50ml– With Vitamins A, C and E to draw out dirt and impurities, and Cucumber extract to cool and reduce skin puffiness, for revitalised and fresh-feeling skin.

1 x Applicator

Rose oil is extracted from rose petals. Containing a complex array of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, rose oil has excellent emollient (softening) properties for moisturising dry skin; it also offers antiseptic and astringent properties to treat acne, as well as anti-inflammatory properties that help treat redness and inflammation. Rose oil can also help refine skin texture. The oil is a tissue regenerator loaded with therapeutic benefits for the skin.

The older you get, the fewer antioxidants you have in your skin to combat wrinkles and sun damage. Cucumbers are a source of several compounds that fight inflammation and aging. Cucumbers contain vitamin C, an antioxidant. They also have plenty of vitamin K, also an antioxidant, which fights dark circles under the eyes. This is why a couple of cucumber slices placed over tired, puffy eyes in the morning makes you look refreshed. Vitamin B-5, is another compound found in cucumbers that helps your skin retain moisture. The vitamin A in cucumbers fights dark spots and freckles because it helps control your skin’s production of melanin. Cucumber extract soothes and cools your skin while leaving your skin smooth and silky. Your face will feel clean, refreshed and revitalised!

Gold has long been a sign of beauty and elegance. Gold extract is known to reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles by firming and toning the skin, offering a luxurious anti-aging skin treatment. It also provides intense hydration to revitalise, smooth and soften your skin for a radiant complexion. Gold can increase the elasticity of your skin helping you to look younger, reducing the likelihood of dryness. Gold has been attributed to enhancing the appearance of the skin by minimising irregularities and smoothing skin tone. It lessens the production of melanin in the body which is responsible for tanning of the skin when exposed to sunlight.


Your skin’s moisture consists of two sources: the natural oil your body produces and the basic water level present in your skin. Your skin’s natural moisture takes a serious beating during the long hard workday. Did you know that increased oil production is actually a sign of dehydrated skin? Excess oil causes clogged pores leading to blackheads, breakouts and other imperfections. Hydration products, like face masks, are a great way to hydrate your skin quickly and effectively.  They rejuvenate dehydrated skin by locking in moisture and enabling the skin to replenish its the water content. The results: a plump and supple appearance, with smooth, softened and hydrated skin. Share a drink with your skin. It’s about time.
Moisturising and Hydrating are actually two different things. Our Moisturising products reduce your skin’s water loss by forming a barrier over its surface. This barrier works hard to retain and preserve what moisture is already present in the skin at the time you use it. While our Hydrating products are geared to increase the water level that is present in the skin at the time you apply it. Clear? Good! By forming a protective seal on your skin’s surface, our Moisturising products reduce evaporation your skin’s moisture throughout the day. Through brutally cold winter winds or the dry heat of the summer sun, the lipid-based barrier will hold, and prevent the loss of vital moisture and nutrients from your skin. Bonus tip: To moisturise, even more, use a Sheet Mask as the direct contact with the skin aids in the process.
“Nourish” is one of those words that sounds like what it does. It feels good to say it. Nourish… Who does not want to be nourished? Who doesn’t want to nourish their skin? See what we mean? In our fast-paced society, it is difficult to find time to have a perfect balanced diet and vitamin intake. It is tough to absorb skin nourishment from the healing powers of the sun when you work an office desk job, that has you indoors for most hours of the day. Your skin is starving for nourishment. Our Nourishing products will shock your skin with healthy nutrients, found in nature, like algae, tea tree and seaweed. Known to be rich in nutrients, these ingredients deeply nourish your skin, while moisturising and protecting it from dryness. Nourish…
We’ll bet that most people feel confident when they have healthy-looking skin. And yet, sometimes we don’t give our skin what it needs. Maybe we’re too busy or maybe we just aren’t sure what we should do to improve our complexion. Put your best face forward with our Revitalising skincare products. Treat your skin to hydration that will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and imperfections, as well as bring back your natural glow.

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