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Vani – T Exfoliating Mitt

Vani – T Exfoliating Mitt

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Vani – T Exfoliating Mitt
A must-have for all sunless tanners or those wanting beautiful, silky smooth skin. Vani – T Exfoliating Mitt is guaranteed to easily remove sunless tan build-up or to correct tanning mistakes post tan.
It can also be used as a loofah to remove unwanted dead skin cells, creating a perfect base for sunless tanning.
With continued use, Exfoliating Mitt even assists in cellulite reduction, minimising stretch marks and increasing circulation for radiant, glowing skin.
Key Benefits

Glove with wristband – Ensures fabric will not come off-hand while you exfoliate
Double-sided – Lets you reach for those hard to exfoliate areas such as the back
Just add water – No harsh chemicals which can irritate the skin or leave residue
Strong viscose fabric – Effectively exfoliates away dead skin cells and smooths the skin


Soften skin in a shower or bath first. Wet the mitt, squeeze out excess water and place on your hand.
Step out of shower or bath and using reasonable pressure, rub the skin in a rapid vertical direction.
You will see rolls of dead skin being exfoliated away.
Can be used with Vani – T Tan Eraser Mousse to remove tan.


Strong Viscose Fabric

Vani – T Tan Eraser Mousse:

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